The power of EOS HCM

EOS HCM is the industry’s first and only unified human capital management platform that ties together any software, content, device, or process to transform the way people work.

Information from any system in your enterprise can flow into our unique cloud interface to help you better plan, select, deploy, develop, measure, and reward your workforce. EOS HCM delivers the power of an enterprise app in a consumer-grade experience—allowing you to analyze and optimize everything everyone in your organization needs to know next.


EOS HCM customers gain:

  • Up to 65% improvement in payroll accuracy
  • Up to 59% reduction in overtime costs through accurate calculations
  • Up to 8% savings in gross payroll costs
  • Between 20 and 50% reduction in cost per employee annually for HR service delivery

EOS Unified HCM solutions help you:

  • Plan critical skill and labor pool needs to meet tomorrow’s goals today.
  • Select the appropriate candidates and onboard them efficiently for maximum productivity.
  • Deploy the right workforce, with the right skill set, at the right time and place, at the right cost.
  • Develop key skills and promote continual learning.
  • Measure performance to ensure future growth, corporate and legal compliance.
  • Reward appropriately, based on merit and effectiveness.

Specialised by industry

EOS HCM provides highly focused capabilities that help companies compete effectively in selected industries, including:

Enhance retention and increase visibility into employee management across the organization.

Public sector
Provide better HR service delivery with fewer resources and lower costs.

Financial services
Help attract, retain, encourage, and motivate key talent by effectively communicating total compensation and benefits info.

Ensure compliance with government and union regulations, while easily deploying globalization and localization options.

Make better staffing decisions based on current customer demand, seasonal fluctuation, and unforeseen absences.

Create shared service centers where the fewest number of reps can manage the most complex inquires, consistently and accurately.